Studies show that successful college students access the resources available and build networks with staff and faculty who encourage and support them. Through the Pathfinders Program, you will learn essential skills and strategies for a successful college experience.

Students required to participate in the Pathfinders Program are identified and informed at the time of admission based on high school performance and ACT/SAT test scores. Those with two or more admission deficiencies must participate in Pathfinders.

The program is designed for dedicated students who commit to participate in support services and activities at NKU in order to achieve their academic and personal goals.

Five reasons the Pathfinders Program is for you!

1. Customized academic success plan

You and your academic advising team will meet at least four times each semester to discuss your academic progress and develop a personalized plan for success.

2. Scheduled study time

Successful students study and attend tutoring sessions. Pathfinders participate in monitored study/tutoring sessions for a minimum of five hours weekly.

3. Interactive workshops

Skilled presenters will share tips and tricks for academic success on topics ranging from study skills to discovering your strengths. Pathfinders will attend two workshops each semester.

4. UNV 101 -- Your college success course!

Students who successfully complete UNV 101 are better equipped with the knowledge and skills to persist and graduate from NKU. Pathfinders will take this course in their first semester for a great start in their college career.

5. Success network

Your academic advisor will lead you in the process of building your success network – staff and faculty at NKU who will be your support system as you begin, and continue, your journey as a Norse.